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ESPN Combines 3D Test With Fan Promotion

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:10 pm
by metalqueen
ESPN Combines 3D Test With Fan Promotion
USC vs. Ohio State matchup Sept. 12 will be broadcast live to select theaters
by John Eggerton and Glen Dickson
ESPN will flex its 3D production muscle with its coverage of the powerhouse USC vs. Ohio State college football matchup Sept. 12. It will be the sports giant's first 3D test being vetted before a general viewing audience after two years of privately testing the technology, which has become a growing piece of the theatrical film market.

ESPN has previously produced college football and basketball games in 3D for test purposes, and also shot its Summer X-Games event in 3D for theatrical release.

The USC-Ohio State game will be offered in HD and standard-def for home viewers, but will be delivered in 3D at The Galen Center on the USC campus and at a handful of theaters-Columbus, Ohio; Hartford, Conn.; and Hurst, Tex. ESPN won't collect a gate for the venue showings, but will instead give fans a chance to win tickets via radio station promotions, including ESPN stations in L.A. and Dallas and WBNS Columbus.

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Re: ESPN Combines 3D Test With Fan Promotion

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:46 pm
by kekewons
It's an interesting idea, certainly.

I've been thinking recently that there aren't THAT many (ok there are very few, let's face it) common experiences to most of us which might help promote 3D.

Gaming? 3D shooters/FPS games? No.

Not that what we get isn't realistic (or at least semi-realistic), but what percentage of the population at large has experienced anything close to this in real life? perhaps 1 in 10 has actually served in the armed forces, so perhaps 1 in 20 has any real memory of what combat (or the simulated combat of basic training) entails.

For the rest of us (I never saw either), anything I get is mostly educational. But, then, I can hardly claim to be an expert, no many how many times I view it, can I?

On a related tack might be "football" (or soccer) or any other real "close contact sport."
Yes, some of us might have experienced such conflict on a regular basis at some point in our lives...but the percentage can't be that high (I have to wonder if most wouldn't prefer to "live it out" 2D!) Time and surveys/polls should certainly tell.

Flying? No. Fewer still are lucky enough to even ride as up front passengers, let alone pilot a plane, so no. Interesting, certainly, and perhaps even interesting to many who haven't tried it in real-life, but more useless even than FPS games, I suspect, as far as duplicating actual experiences might go....

Driving? AHA! Perhaps with driving (cars or trucks or buses) we have found our "wedge."

Not necessarily That is a rather specialized skill, and one somewhat slowly developed...but simple highway driving? As relates to 3D viewing?

Personally I think this is one of those common ground experiences which COULD most easily be leveraged into a real appreciation of what 3D has to offer.

Simply because so many many and women experience "driving" (and because so many must deal with it) almost every day.

Ever had a commute you DIDN'T want to endure? But you managed to deal with it?

Then you've been through much of it.

It stinks even worse in 3D :D

However...if you can find some open road...and no cops...

...and if you are driving a Porsche 911....