Software Brings 3D Movies in Full HD to Sony PS3 & Mac

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Software Brings 3D Movies in Full HD to Sony PS3 & Mac

Post by Neil »


Next3D adds support for PS3 and Mac to 3D movie download service

ATLANTA, April 20, 2009— Next3D, the technological leader in direct-to-consumer, stereoscopic 3D high-definition content delivery, today announced the first 3D Movie players for Sony PS3 game consoles and Apple computers. The free downloadable player software, combined with Next3D’s content delivery service, will allow consumers to download and play full 1080p theatrical 3D high-definition movies and other 3D content on PS3’s, Mac computers and, as previously announced, XBOX 360’s.

Next3D downloadable content is encoded with patent-pending technology that delivers full stereoscopic 3D 1080P high-definition to the home over broadband. Users will be able to download premium pay-to-view Next3D content including theatrical 3D movies and movies originally produced for IMAX® 3D theaters. Next3D will also offer additional content such as 3D movie trailers and user-created content channels for independent producers and stereo enthusiasts to post and share 3D video and still images. The Next3D Movie Player will be free to consumers on every supported platform, including the XBOX 360, PS3 and Mac, and supports the over 2 million 3D-ready TVs already in consumers’ homes as well as upcoming 3D-ready TVs from Sony, LG, Mitsubishi, JVC and others.

The Next3D movie players for Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 were recently demonstrated for videogame industry professionals at the 2009 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. “The response has been phenomenal,” said D.J. Roller, Co-founder of Next3D. “Clearly the movie industry is ready for a home 3D audience, and the home 3D audience is primed to emerge. Next3D is on course to be the first to deliver.”

For more information, visit" onclick=";return false;.

About Next3D:

Next3D produces tools, applications and services for professional and consumer stereoscopic production and consumption. The founders, David Cole and D.J. Roller have substantial expertise and experience in theatrical 3D films, 3D IMAX films, broadcast television, 3D virtual reality rides, stereoscopic gaming hardware, camera and stereo workflow design, and end-to-end digital delivery.


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Re: Software Brings 3D Movies in Full HD to Sony PS3 & Mac

Post by Freke1 »

Huuurayyy for Next3D :D
Can't wait to buy some IMAX 3D movies. I know it will blow me away.
(and 1080p will probably look like ~1400p)
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Re: Software Brings 3D Movies in Full HD to Sony PS3 & Mac

Post by UndeadD3vi1 »

Windows/Linux client coming soon? Will your online delivery service be Worldwide or limited to US?
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Re: Software Brings 3D Movies in Full HD to Sony PS3 & Mac

Post by Okta »

I see no mention of PC. Is this just taken for granted or a deliberate move (to avoid piravy ?).

edit- Pc player is mentioned alongside Mac at the end of the video, sweet!
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