ColorCode 3-D Press Release - March 24/09

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ColorCode 3-D Press Release - March 24/09

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Time Inc. cover stories stand out in 3-D

Entertainment Weekly, Fortune, People, Sports Illustrated, and Time Magazine will all cover
the latest 3-D news in special features during the last week of March. 3-D images will be
supporting the stories and over 16 million 3-D glasses have been produced to be distributed
together with the magazines. The 3-D system used to make this possible is called ColorCode
3-D and is the same system used for the 3-D commercials during this year’s Super Bowl
when over 130 million ColorCodeViewers (3-D glasses) were distributed to American

The magazines will focus on their respective readers’ interest covering the latest news and
upcoming trends in 3-D as an important part of visual communication. ColorCode 3-D has
made it possible to visualize these stories with images that will stand out in full-color 3-D
using the attached ColorCodeViewer. The images will also be fully viewable without the 3-D
glasses but then as ordinary flat images.

ColorCode 3-D has since the beginning of 2009 been used to reach a wide audience in high
profile 3-D projects for print, TV broadcast and web content within a short time and has
proven itself to be an excellent choice for mass communication in 3-D.
“By following up the largest 3-D broadcast event in history last month with this enormous and
prestigious print project we have shown the world that it is possible to use high quality 3-D in
everyday communication to enhance the visual experience. We really hope this will help
everyone working with and believing in 3-D to see even further possibilities and making 3-D a
natural part of visual communication.” says Svend B Sorensen, CEO at ColorCode 3-D

About ColorCode 3-D
The patented ColorCode 3-D system is the most powerful and universal 3-D Stereo system.
It can show full color 3-D on all display types (ranging from prints, mobile devices, computerand
TV-screens, to LED displays as well as analogue and digital projectors) without the need
for any costly hardware investments.

Read more about ColorCode 3-D at" onclick=";return false;
Contact: Andreas Krona, International Sales Manager
US Phone: (310) 928-6590
Int Phone: +45 3696 8770
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