TDVision Demonstrates 3D HD 1080P Content

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TDVision Demonstrates 3D HD 1080P Content

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TDVision Demonstrates 3D HD 1080P Content for Massive Home Adoption At International Film Festival

In an unparalleled joint effort, TDVision, NewArt, MetaCube, Santo Domingo Animation-Ithrax, Wintel and Mitsubishi will showcase content created in Latin America and other parts of the world in true 3D HD in full 1080P per eye at the International Film Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico Mar. 20, 2009, demonstrating the possibility for massive adoption to the home of stereoscopic high quality content. NewArt Digital, MetaCube, TDVPro and Santo Domingo Animation-Ithrax are leading the way for stereoscopic productions in Mexico. The content will be encoded using the TDVision's TDVCodec format, a fully 3D/2D and MPEG compatible format. The TDVCodec 2D+Delta Advanced Video Codec creates a bridge from the studios to the home while offering the best quality, resolution, and compatibility with all 3D displays and even 2D Legacy compatibility eliminating the need of any additional hardware. The content will be presented at the International Film Festival using a fully compatible Blu-Ray disc on a 3D-ready Mitsubishi DLP TV in astonishing 1080P resolution driven from Wintel PC with TDVReady certification

"As the home theater market continues to flourish and the cinema space continues to embrace 3D, it is clear that this technology will be the next in-demand feature on home theater products," said David Naranjo, director of product development at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. "3D in the home is becoming an exciting reality and Mitsubishi's energy-efficient 3D-ready Home Theater TVs will play a key role in allowing consumers to enjoy 3D movies and gaming. Consumer demand for 3D-capable HDTVs and content will only increase in 2009 and beyond. The industry can expect Mitsubishi to keep pace with this increased demand while at the same time making enhancements to our 3D-ready Home Theater TVs for 2009-2010", he continued.

"Definitively, if we keep aligning our efforts, we can achieve very positive things in the short term; Wintel, MetaCube, TDVision and NewArt Digital, we have all the resources for the content creation from acquisition, until the finished product for TV, Cinema or Internet," said Javier Leal, CEO of NewArt Digital

"The technology, content, performance, equipment and interest of the market for HD stereoscopic 3D coincides at the International Film Festival in an unprecedented event, showing what we all can do together when joining our efforts and initiatives, everything with existing tools and existing high quality content," said Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, CEO and President of TDVision Systems, Inc.

"The amazing world of 3D will finally be available for home delivery as it should've been long ago: crystal clear," said Ricardo G. Duprat, CEO of Santo Domingo Animation.

"3DTV in the home, with diversity of content and multiple platforms, will be the final coup de grace for a culture-wide proliferation of stereography in all its forms. The day is coming very soon when a producer will lose money by not making a stereoscopic version of their production," said Ray Zone, advisor for Santo Domingo Animation and Brijes 3D in Mexico.

"We had the opportunity to be part of the first implementations of TDVision's technology several years ago and now, finally, the digital convergence has achieved the right level for feasible implementation," said Rodrigo Sanchez Gonzalez, producer and stereographer of TDVPro. "Stereoscopic content is a completely new audio-visual language," he added. "Stereoscopic 3D content is an art and it will lead to a completely different level of entertainment and communication," mentioned Idania Monsalve, editor in chief of TDVPro.
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