James Cameron’s DGA interview,Avatar, S3D HD CGI love affair

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James Cameron’s DGA interview,Avatar, S3D HD CGI love affair

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Image courtesy of dga.org

Some people would call James Cameron a maverick. He is not afraid to, as he says , “ride the wave” as opposed to have that wave to “wash over me and be looking at it from the backside heading toward the shore with everybody else riding It”.

Of course he’s talking about his commitment to S3D (or stereo as he likes to call it) and all things HD in his and moviemaking historical and S3D’s pivotal project ‘Avatar’. He prefers to craft his ‘digital magic‘ as opposed to Stephen Spielberg‘s so-called‘ practical Magic‘ special effects as Spielberg puts it.

This is an interview that gives you an insight into why he is so enthusiastic and driven, even though he has only made six films previously in his illustrious career. Soon to be seven (if it opens on schedule in December 2009)‘Avatar‘ is a S-3D marathon of a movie coming in at two hour long The length of time that other big directors and moviemakers would shy away from in the 2-D format never mind the challenge of 3-D and it’s ability to add to the craft of the storytelling magic.

He answers many S3D specific questions like,

'Clearly we’re in a transitional period in filmmaking craft right now. Avatar is sort of being looked at as the Great Digital Hope. Let’s rephrase: what do you think Avatar has the potential to do for the 3-D cause?

You took part in a DGA symposium in March with Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzen-berg about 3-D. Do you think there should be some kind of mentoring program in the directing community about working in 3-D?

How can you share your [S3D] experiences?

How does a director take that leap of faith into 3-D?

Do you think in 3-D as a director?

and, What do you think young directors need to do to be able to use this new technology?

You definitely get a sense of where he is 'at' in 2009 and beyond, so all in all it is an essential read for movie buff's, with many other general moviemaking experiences covered, including his 40th birthday spent away from his family in the UK with an impromptu call to his 80-year-old idol Stanley Kubrick being described as “no present, no surprise party, no nothing you could give me that would supersede that.’

Many insightful images and compelling questions answered in the full PDF interview
here, Enjoy :)
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Re: James Cameron’s DGA interview,Avatar, S3D HD CGI love affair

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Any comment on how he feels about colorcode 3ds :lol: :lol: :shock:
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