ViewSonic 3D-Ready FuHzion Line Official CES press Release

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ViewSonic 3D-Ready FuHzion Line Official CES press Release

Post by Silversurfer »


On the back of the “recent study published by Quixel Research LLC, a market intelligence company focused on home theater and home entertainment, found that over half of the respondents agreed that 3D makes movies and games more enjoyable, with gamers finding the 3D experience slightly better, offering more compelling entertainment1. ViewSonic's new FuHzion line offers precision and a realistic 3D visual experience for optimal digital entertainment”, ViewSonic use CES for the launch of two 3D ready displays.

First is the VX2265wm “22-inch, 120Hz desktop LCD monitor produces rich, colorful, blur-free video for traditional 2D gaming, entertainment and graphic applications, while also delivering stereoscopic 3D when used with the new NVIDIA GeForce® 3D Vision stereoscopic active shutter glasses for the home. It boasts a “2ms video response time to remove virtually all motion artifacts and ghosting as well as 1680 x 1050 HD resolution, MSRP of $399.

Next is the” PJD6220-3D is a portable, lightweight DLP projector and is 3D-ready for PC content, allowing consumers to watch high-quality 3D at home at a fraction of the price. With 2200 lumen output, it creates large format stereoscopic 3D at an unprecedented level of price and performance.” The native 1024 x 768 resolution at a true 120Hz frame rate gives a bright, professional-level 3D projector, the product can easily display up to 25 ft (diagonal 3D) high-definition images. The PJD6220-3D has an MSRP of $1,499 and will be available in February 2009, whilst the 22” VX2265wm will be available this month. Full press release details here
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Re: ViewSonic 3D-Ready FuHzion Line Official CES press Release

Post by chrisdfw »


This is exactly what I have been waiting for!

It's a 1024X768 120hz DLP projector for only about $1500 retail!

That beats the pants off of that overpriced $6k DepthQ projector.

Unfortunately, if IZ3d can't work out proper shutter glasses support it means I'll have to put my tail between my legs and go back to the Nvidia cards from a company I completely despise. :(

Wait a second though....I found an article on pcmag that talks about this projector doing 3d using a checkerboard pattern. If this is the case, then we may not have full 1024X768 resolution.

Can someone find out exactly how this works?,2817,2338401,00.asp" onclick=";return false;

Part of the article:

With the ViewSonic projector, the two video frames for the left and right eye arrive at the projector in sequence. The TI 3D engine divides each into a checkerboard pattern, and then shows them as four frames — what you can think of as the black checkerboard squares for one eye, then the black squares for the other, followed by the red squares for the first eye, and then the red squares for the other. Run though all four images quickly enough and the human visual system will integrate them all into what you can think of as a single stereoscopic frame. ("Quickly enough" translates to at least a 120-Hz refresh rate, or effectively 30 stereoscopic frames per second.)

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Re: ViewSonic 3D-Ready FuHzion Line Official CES press Release

Post by budda »


The specifications of this Viewsonic 120 Hz LCD monitor don't seem to preclude its use with Windows XP, Geforce 6 and 7 series Nvidia graphics cards and the classic nvidia stereo drivers.

I have checked the specifications of my 6800GT card and those of the Viewsonic monitor.

The 6800GT can deliver 1680 H x 1050 V x 32 bit x 120 Hz very happily, and its got a compatible DVD-I output connector suitable for connection with the monitor DVI-D input.

The only remaining question is the compatibility of the emitter being used and the monitor. I wonder if my edimensional emitter and glasses are compatible ...

Seems possible .... ... 26&start=0" onclick=";return false;

Maybe we old school users are worrying unnecessarily that we have been completely cut off from S3D nirvana.

Thanks. 8)

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