Swap left right stereo images

When you upload cross-eyed 3D images to our gallery, you can use the BBcode to make them viewable in native 3D in our discussion forums. Popular formats include AMD's HD3D, Nvidia 3D Vision, Oculus Rift, side by side, interlaced, anaglyph and more. Works with most leading web browsers on PC.

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Swap left right stereo images

Post by AttackingHobo »

I really like the 3d image viewer, but I don't have my Rift yet.

I can do cross eyed 3d but I find it more comfortable when I relax my eyes and let them diverge.

Would it be possible to add a button that could swap the images so diverging my eyes will work?


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Which stereoscopic 3D solution do you primarily use?: S-3D desktop monitor

Re: Swap left right stereo images

Post by Neil »

If you get the sView plugin (just download the latest version of sView), the software gives you all these extra options including image swap.


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