Android 10 bricked external 3D camera. Now what?

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Android 10 bricked external 3D camera. Now what?

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I was doing pretty good, using UVC cameras and capture cards to do two things that are hard to do.

One is attach an add-on 3D camera for a POV first person 3D shoot of things I do. Trust me as a heterosexual guy ladies look a little snugglier in 3D compared to 2D.

The other is attach a video capture card so that I could use native phone bandwidth to broadcast out on Twitch, because where I live the maximum Land based network speed is 1.6 megabits in 400 kilobits out. I just set up my video on my Mac with obs pipe it out to a preview on the second screen which is my capture card plugged into my Android.

Well Android has a new feature which bans USB cameras after API security level 28, whatever that means. So that means this is not just a bug that will eventually correct itself. This is an intended feature.

Now what am I supposed to do for 3D live broadcast camera?

At least twitching may have hope because Visible Wireless currently lets you have speeds of 5 megabits in 5 megabits out Warren hotspot mode but it's kind of hard to use 5 megabits for both Xbox and the broadcast out on Twitch.

And I talked with an executive of visible Wireless suggesting that if one is stationary and using the internet in an internet desert like I describe then the ceilings on the speed limits and device limits can be raised if one is stationary and in the internet desert. They said they liked it but they said they can't unilaterally act and have to negotiate with Verizon and the FCC to see how much effect that has on people traveling the interstates.

Just when I saw the light at the end of the tunnel there was another tunnel that came quickly: reminds me of the Pennsylvania turnpike somewhere in between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.

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