Help im dumb! 425 too old, &>= no 3dVision!

Post your recommended stereoscopic 3D separation/convergence settings along with game performance recommendations.
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Help im dumb! 425 too old, &>= no 3dVision!

Post by ThumpieBunnyEve »

Im looking for instructibles, or simple instructions,
for putting -the- most modern gforce-nvidia graphical version WINDOWS 7 ULT X64 can handle, onto my pc,
and making it compatible with nvidia 3D Vision spec.

Assume I've the intellect of a space-program chimp.
so others can benefit from this instructable too.

I've got 425.31 but that is -the last- official version nvidia provided that has included the 3dVision "Enable Stereoscopic 3d"
serious sam 4, requested i update my nvidia drivers today and that ruined my ability to use the glasses.
windows 10 users seem to be fighting with windows update forcing their drivers to change, because they cant turn off automatic updates.
but i don't have that problem over here on windows 7

The problem i have, is im currently running on nvidia 461, which deleted my "Enable Stereoscopic 3d" option.
I have seen a lot of talk on here about things people 'might do' and unstable options that 'might work'
for using more modern nvidia drivers, and still having 3dVision driver operation function.

im asking for win7 ult 64bit,
to be pointed at the next most stable solution since the legacy of 425.31
that the main stream populous can use to get their 3D-vision glasses working
with whatever more recent nvidia driver version is available.

I don't know the process,
I've never done this before.
I barely know my way around a pc. (not true, but assume i don't)

please point me in the right (stable) direction so i can go learn what to do and apply it myself.

Pretty please and thank you with flowers and perfumed hugs of thanks! ✿(/^-^\)♥

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Re: Help im dumb! 425 too old, &>= no 3dVision!

Post by chijimi »

Your problem is you are looking in the wrong subforum.
You should be looking in Nvidia -> NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Driver Forums.
This is the most relevant thread to final 3d vision drivers.
3d vision does not work on RTX 3000 series graphics cards. (some old direct x9 games might work)
However, it is possible to get 3d vision to work up through driver 452.06 and is compatible with RTX 2000 series and below.
Enabling 3d vision with 452.06 requires a bit of effort and is not an official driver. The last official driver is 425.31.
I will not post the steps to enable this to work. The instructions are in this forum if you look around.

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Re: Help im dumb! 425 too old, &>= no 3dVision!

Post by Grant S »

3D fix manager will get you going again and will get you as up to date as possible. Download and install then go to driver tab and it will install hat you need. ... nager.html

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