Epson TW9400 with 3D Vision @ 60Hz?

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Epson TW9400 with 3D Vision @ 60Hz?

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I thought I already posted this question in this forum but couldn't find it therefore I think I messed it up the first time. Anyway, I'd like to know whether it's possible to play 3D games with 1080p@60Hz on my projector when using 3D vision. I successfully set up the whole thing for Sniper 4 f.i. with the use of 3Dfix Manager and a respective 3Dfix Profile, but this seems to work differently than games like GTAV with integrated 3D Vision support. If I try this I'm stuck with 1080p@24Hz or 720p@60Hz - both not very satisfying. I read a lot about this stuff but only could find solutions for *passive* 3D hardware (EDID mods). I just can't find a solution for my active setup. Could someone please enlighten me how to do this :D

Btw, it's my first in this forum so I'm sorry if I missed something

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Re: Epson TW9400 with 3D Vision @ 60Hz?

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Did you find a solution?
I own an Epson LS-500 projector and I'm researching what 3D glasses I should buy. Do you need Nvidia 3D glasses for 3D vision?

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