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Samsung TV 2D to 3D - is that the correct setting?

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2020 4:50 am
by stewy2603
Nvidia GTX 560Ti
Hence I'm back on drivers 391.35. Noted about the 425.31 being the final 3D driver and having the free version of 3DTV, however this driver doesn't support 5xx cards.
TV details: Samsung UE40ES6540, with battery powered glasses
My cable is 3D ready
The Nvidia control panel recognises my 3D TV, Windows also puts a (3D) next to two of the resolutions
The Nvidia wizard fails but I've read that this is common and should be ignored
I configure just the TV so there's no confusion with my other monitors
I read somewhere that you need to be in side by side mode for TV use?
I read somewhere about gaming mode?
I've found gaming mode in the TV's menu's, it doesn't appear to do much/anything
I'm trying 1280x720/60Hz
Half Life 2 is my test software
I've tried launching using the 3D fix manager (it made no difference)

Hard to explain: But if I choose side by side then effectively the screen image is double width of the TV - being broadcast as 2 images, both on screen at the same time - left image on the screen, right image on the screen on top of each other. If I close one eye I can see the left of the picture, and close the other eye then I see the right. Experiment: I launched a 3D blu ray from my Samsung BR player and set to side by side, and it does exactly the same. So, I'm assuming side by side is not the right way to go? Top and bottom does the same. I then also noticed that once the TV seems to recognise the 3D format of the BR movie, when I click my 3D button it offers me no options (2D to 3D, SbS, T&B). I only wish this would happen for the PC input!

OK, so I select "2D to 3D", but! Surely this is just the TV converting a 2D image, so this isn't real 3D? Half life didn't look very good.

What am I doing wrong? Or... is my TV not going to support this?

Edit: "I forgot to mention I am using HDMI mini to HDMI, not DVI to HDMI"
Edit "I found that I needed to set the name of my TV input to "TV" because I'm using HDMI. It looks better but still not there. I'm also trying Batman Arkham City now as a better test piece to HL2".
I'm now toying with 1920x1080/60Hz (if I can force it). That's what my TV manual says. I'd read somewhere about 1080x720/60Hz for gaming and 1920x1080/24Hz for watching movies. I'm not convinced.

Re: Samsung TV 2D to 3D - is that the correct setting?

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 1:14 am
by stewy2603
After wasting a whole day I launched Batman in normal 2D, then hit the 3D button my TV remote. I was correct, there is no 3D output coming from my PC (despite trying multiple settings in Helix 3D fix Manager)