Time to Make a Difference!!!

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Time to Make a Difference!!!

Post by Neil »

Hello everyone!

Thank you for joining Meant to be Seen!

First, please read the Advocacy section under "Member Benefits".

It's time to ask if your favorite game is MTBS certified! Once the game developer says "yes", we will be able to reveal their certification results, and you will get a wealth of special S-3D settings. Finally, you will know which games are safe stereoscopic 3D purchases BEFORE you buy them!

Post in your favorite official game forum, and publicly ask if a specific game is MTBS certified. Repeat this for every game that you are interested in.

Each thread should represent a unique game. So, Game "A" gets a thread, Game "B" gets a thread, and so on.

Post a direct link to the thread so all the other MTBS members can easily join in!

This HAS to be a TEAM effort!

Please do not post "Check MTBS out, it's a cool site" link. We want advocacy, not advertising.

Read the advocacy section carefully for recommendations on proper etiquette.

Neil 8)

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