Common Remarks, Effective Answers (FAQ)

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Common Remarks, Effective Answers (FAQ)

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First, you guys have been doing an AWESOME job! Keep it up because this is one of the most critical components of our S-3D advocacy strategy. You should all be very proud of what you have done so far.

Now, I've read through the forums and threads you have started, and there are some regular questions and statements that come up. I have put some sample answers together. Don't take an objection sitting down - this is your opportunity to separate the fact and fiction to push the industry forward!

Here we go....

1. S-3D is difficult to program.

Where did you hear that?

Render the game properly and offer options to turn post processing effects on and off. A FREE non-proprietary guide is available at It costs nothing to be informed.

2. S-3D is expensive

The 8800GTX costs $550 US for six months to a year of high performance use before it will start to become obsolete. For $60 to $1,000 at most, you can get thrilling S-3D, and solutions can last as long as five years!

Much bigger bang for the buck if you ask me.

3. S-3D reduces game performance to a crawl.

NOT TRUE! At most, performance requirements are 20% to 30% more, and this is a non issue with most modern hardware. Also, S-3D is often played in reduced resolution anyway. Lower resolution has a minimal visual impact in S-3D, while higher resolutions are needed on 2D displays (perhaps they are over-compensating for something :wink:).

4. The S-3D community is small.

Where have you been?!? Have you not seen the wild products at CES? THIS IS WHERE THE EXCITEMENT IS TODAY!

Didn't you hear? A major breakthrough is being announced in June via MTBS, and several NEW S-3D solutions are coming out to market very soon.

What would the inventor of the HDTV tell you if you said his market was small?!?!?

5. We make money already, who cares about S-3D?

Software piracy is rampant. Developers need every advantage that they can get to earn revenue. This advantage is free and is easy to implement - it makes business sense to do this!

6. I don't care about MTBS certification.

You should:

S-3D gamers spend a fortune more on their computers than traditional gamers (results will be revealed at Dimension-3 Expo :wink: ). MTBS certified games get free promotion to this rapidly growing audience for FREE!

Games that are S-3D certified have the best settings revealed to their members and your customers so that games will look their best! EXCELLENT PR opportunity. You should google them!

7. I don't think our programmers will make an active effort for S-3D.

It doesn't matter. Send MTBS the game, and they will rate its certification level. S-3D is so easy to do, the game may already work!

8. I never heard of MTBS.

Are you kidding? Google them! Their CEO is/was a keynote at Dimension-3 in Europe - you never heard of MTBS?!?!? Join up, it's free.


I will add more - this will get you started. Contribute additional ideas if you have them.

Remember, even if they say NO, you have done some good because it is an acknowledgment that they are aware of what we are doing.

Neil 8)

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