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ARK - How to get it running in S-3d?

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 10:10 am
by LukePC1

I want to get ARK to run in S-3d on Nvidia GTX 760. It Blocks of one eye completely on Nvidia and DDD drivers.
When I try to turn off S3d (hotkey) then it bugs and puts a HUGE black block all over the screen.

I tried some things with shadow and ingame graphic Setings. And I tried to use Shader Model 4 and DX10.
No improvements.

Does it run on Oculus Rift? I guess if it worked it would look super.

Anyone got any other Ideas? :shutter :polarized

Greetings Luke

PS: I had a similar problem with Star Citizen Hangar-ALPHA, when I tried it.