MPO library

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MPO library

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Hi guys,
A few months ago I started writing a .MPO (multiple pictures object) library in C based on libjpeg. This format is used to store 3D images (and some other formats).
Sadly I don't have much time and it's not finished yet (might finish it later) but I thought someone might be interested.

Here is a copy of the README :

Code: Select all

Main goal :

    *Load / Write Stereoscopic 3D images (Multi-frame Disparity) through libjpeg.
    *Give others enough material to work with
    *No exif library needed (though you'll probably want to use one)

Currently working :

    *Decompression (see examples/decompress.c)
    *Basic compression
    *Compression of 3d stereo files, compatible with Nintendo 3DS and NVidia 3D viewer. Look at the example for more details

Requirements :

    *libjpeg8 or later


    *The doxygen documentation is automatically generated after each commit. You can find it here.

TODO (In order of priority):

    *Give a good interface for compression
    *Simplify usage of MPF attributes
    *Decompression : fix the image attributes parsing
    *A good refactoring
    *Remove printf and other debugging stuff
    *Everything else

Will not be done :

    *Exif and other markers support (you should be able to write/read it trough your own handlers and libjpeg)

Might not be done :

    *Helper functions for non stereoscopic images

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Re: MPO library

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Thanks for sharing.

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