Facing some problems with DIY HMD

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Facing some problems with DIY HMD

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Hello everyone.

I'm making my attempt at creating a DIY Head Mounted Display. However I ran into some problems...

1) I'm using the 5.6inch TFT LCD HV056WX1-100 1280*800 display as the screen. However the whole monitor is not covered with the display, eg the windows start button is not visible at the bottom left. I'ts connected with VGA.

2)Tridef 3D Ignition is used for creating the stereoscopic 3d effect. I was able to get it working when I downloaded it at first however for a reason it stopped working and it can't replicate the effect thus running the game in 2d. I tried Outlast and FIFA. The program is in trial version.

3)I can't get FREEPIE to work. I'm currently using an arduino UNO and a pro mini is on the way. The port COM1 is not working but the only option available at the freepie menu is COM1 !!!

I appreciate any help!

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