Pool Nation in Stereoscopic 3D

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Pool Nation in Stereoscopic 3D

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Hi, I pre-ordered this game Pool Nation last year on Steam. I was originally wanting to purchase Virtual Pool 3/4 then this game came onto windows Pc. Now this game is Very well built and plays incredibly good with 3d support rated Excellent from Nvidia's 3D Vision Profile. Its a totally fun game and I submitted it to Game Grade 3D, and have a video recorded in 3D Discover Red/Cyan in a webplayer "Html5 Jplayer".

The streaming Video is around 107MB Res: 640x360 - http://www.cns-nynolyt.com "This is my website hosted by HostGator"
http://www.cns-nynolyt.com/jPlayer-2.9. ... layer.html :3D
http://www.cns-nynolyt.com/files/doms-systemspecs.html My System specs In HTML


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