Time to Make a Difference!!!

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Time to Make a Difference!!!

Post by Neil »

Hello everyone!

Thank you for joining Meant to be Seen!

First, please read the Advocacy section under "Member Benefits".

It's time to ask if your favorite game is MTBS certified! Once the game developer says "yes", we will be able to reveal their certification results, and you will get a wealth of special S-3D settings. Finally, you will know which games are safe stereoscopic 3D purchases BEFORE you buy them!

Email the customer service department of your favorite game maker, and ask them if a specific game is MTBS certified. Repeat this for every game that you are interested in.

Each thread should represent a unique game. So, Game "A" gets a thread, Game "B" gets a thread, and so on.

We want a public record of their response. If you see a pre-existing thread, add to it by emailing customer service, and posting their response.

This has to be a TEAM effort!

Good luck and thanks for your assistance.

Neil 8)

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Time to Make a Difference!!!

Post by gisabun »

Here are a bunch of links or E-mail address where you can contact customer service (some have tech support address for customer service):

Bethesda has some type of Email support at support@bethsoft.com
Atari: http://www.atari.com/us/support/support ... l_form.php
MS Game Studios: http://www.gamesforwindows.com/en-US/Su ... dback.aspx [more general]
Take 2: usa@take2support.com or canada@take2support.com
THQ: http://info.thq.com/support/GeneralSupport.asp

If you know of others for customer service, post them!

If they have a toll free number (or if they don't but you live in the same city [i.e. it's not long distance for you]), you can call them, if you wish.

Ask if [or when] a specific game will be S-3D compatible and if it has been certified by MTBS3D as S-3D compatible. [We may know it works well in S-3D by playing the game, but do they?]

If they don't know about MTBS3D, give them the link. If they can't give you an answer, ask who can.

But remember: Don't over-do it. Don't be nasty either. We don't want to get on their down sides. Do not say you are doing this on behalf of MTBS3D. Don't use a "script" for every request [i.e. don't send the same message for every game but just changing the game's name].

Limit your requests [i.e. - don't send out a message every day about a different game].

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