Play Terminator: Resistance

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Play Terminator: Resistance

Post by UnityBeing »

Hi all,

I'd like to share a screenshot of Terminator: Resistance and inform you that it is very good with Losti's Unreal 4 Universal Fix, to get latest donate at least 5 euros to him and you get lifetime access to his fixes on his discord Helixmod Server channel.

The game has a very impressive rpg dialog and consequences system for a budget made game and the graphics are very passionately made and look great. It runs at 60fps with my 9900k + 2080ti xtrio and its very well polished, so far no issues or bugs.

The game is cheap on and so far it might become a game of the year for me.

Thanks for your attention.
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Re: Play Terminator: Resistance

Post by Skawen »

Hi UnityBeing!

Can You please share screen shot where gun is seen & how You aim in this game ?

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