Someone explain this DX9-DX11 mess please

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Someone explain this DX9-DX11 mess please

Post by bml »

Hi guys,

I bought an VR headset and like it very much but this driver-mess just confuses me a lot. What is the actual situation?
A few years ago there were drivers like NVidia 3D and Tridef, IZ3D etc that converted 2D Games into stereoscopic 3D.

But now?

NVidia dropped 3D support but the driver somehow works still with DX9 (maybe DX10?) games with helix_mods and this "3D Fix Manager"
I managed to get games running in 3D but only anaglyph red/blue. Then I read that I can convert this to SBS with something like 3DMigoto
but this thing only works with DX11 so is this option just dead?

Or do I use things like DGVoodoo to convert the DX9 games into DX11? But then NVidias 3D is not working anymore.

I already got the vorpX drivers and this works "quite" well but just for some games. Its mostly fake-3D with 2 times the same image, so I can play in VR headset but without stereoscopic depth 3D.

What are the options to convert my 2D games into real 3D SideBySide (or over-under). I play a lot of old games. Portal1, UT2004 etc so my games are all DX8-DX11

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Re: Someone explain this DX9-DX11 mess please

Post by Guig2000 »

3D vision works with quite any games if you don't have a RTX 3000 series. But with an headset, I don't know.
The first step is to install bringback3D and then install 3Dfix manager.


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