DIY 3D Holographic Autostereoscopic Screen

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DIY 3D Holographic Autostereoscopic Screen

Post by johnnyz »

Lately I’ve had a lot of time on my hand (thanks to the covid lockdown) and was hoping to build my own 3D holographic autostereoscopic screen for either my computer monitor or TV. I’m a total noob but I was inspired to build this after seeing the Looking Glass displays which allows for the shared VR experience without the need for a HMD (Looking Glass Factory · The World's Leading Holographic Display).

I checked out some DIY explanations on building it, by attaching lenticular lenses on top of the monitor: Lenticular Display Tutorial by Keyon Vafa, but the problem is that they all appear very pixelated and the image transitions moving left to right doesn't look natural.

Is anyone else interested in building your own Autostereoscopic display? Is there a way to build higher Res 3D autostereoscopic screens similar to the Looking Glass? I’ve also heard that the dpi of the screen need to align with the lenticular lens lpi? I'm new to this... any thoughts or advice on whether if this can be done? How did Looking Glass do it?

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Re: DIY 3D Holographic Autostereoscopic Screen

Post by floph »

Do you know if these autostereoscopic displays work in games with 3D Vision support ?

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