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Any 5.5" (Full-)HD display with landscape scan?

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 2:13 am
by Laulau

I am currently designing a FPV HMD that shall be fed by an analog PAL/NTSC signal or HDMI.
To limit the overall latency, I am using an FPGA to directly drive a 840x480 LCD display without any buffering (ok, just few pixels), it works great but the resolution is quite limited for binocular mode and HD content.
So, I would like to use a HD or Full HD display. While there are plenty great displays from smartphone market, they seem to only work in portrait mode.
I know that I could rotate the image with the FPGA (+external memory) but this will add noticeable latency (1 analog field, 17 ms).

So, I would like to know if you know a HD LCD/OLED display that could work in landscape mode by default.
It shall be 5.5 inches.

(the official RPi seems to have a setting to switch between landscape and portrait mode, but it is still limited to WVGA)

Thank you.