PIMAX 8k & 5K

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PIMAX 8k & 5K

Post by Hannibalj2 »

I am happy this units are coming out. With my inability to finish my unit, and StarVR not having news for consumer release, it is great that this Chinese company is bringing a high FOV, and dual 4k, 2k display to the market.

Anyone here a backer? What are your thoughts on the Pimax HMD
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Re: PIMAX 8k & 5K

Post by n00854180t »

I backed it for the headset only, I think it's going to be awesome. The FOV, including vertical, sounds great, as do the lenses (wide sweet spot!). The news about them only getting ~82-85Hz out of the DP cable initially doesn't worry too much as I'm not sensitive to refresh rate much, and I suspect they might be able to get the full refresh stable by release with enough tinkering.

I hope that they'll retrofit the regular 8k units to be 8k X units (or something that doesn't require 2 cords/GPUs) down the line as a service since that'd extend the longevity of it a good bit.

One reason I backed it is that I feel pretty confident, especially after Valve revealed their new 120-130 degree lens licensing, that there won't be any real SteamVR HMDs coming out this year or next with >140-150 FOV and high resolution. Ever since I saw the StarVR I've wanted an HMD with a higher FOV and Pimax is pretty much the dream. Only thing better would be 220!

I'm also quite pleased about how the Kickstarter went and the stretch rewards - free eye tracking, rigid headstrap & fans, wireless coupon are all damn nice.

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