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Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 2:00 pm
by cnkcnk
Until know, from my point of view, the stereoscopic format had failed to reach a broad audience at home. Several 3D TV channels have closed and there are every year less releases in 3D. A new technology so pleasant and, WE ARE RETREATING!!

What could be the reason? For me there is a negative loop: There are not enough free 3D content, so there are not enough 3D screens, so less free 3D content and so on. To worsening all, 3D big screens are expensive, as blueray players, and you need to buy a new blueray disk for to see a new movie or to have cable TV. An it is not easy to configure all well: the screen, the blueray player and the glasses. Apart, you can watch it only in a particular place of you home.

And the point is you can have a full 3D experience only with a VR cardboard glasses and the appropiate website, without any software at all, and available at any place!! Cheap and accessible 3D for everybody and... Where are the websites offering this joyful experience?? The web could be a new, fresh and cheap distribution channel for the 3D content.

To prove it, we took a little risk and we put available 3D files in our website, a site about educational videos. We think it worked

Usually what I see in youtube when using a VR simple device is the image distorted, but we think we have adjusted well the dimensions.

We are here to ask people with a lot more experience in 3D if we are right when saying there is a revolution awaiting also for the 3D movies and for to hear advices. Thanks


Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 1:24 am
by DannyVR
Perhaps, the use of glasses hindered people from enjoying the 3D movies naturally.
Now, instead of in hype phase, the 3D movies is going the normalization phase.
Hope for the bright future of 3D movies too...


Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 9:46 pm
by lnrrgb
Douglas Trumbull was interviewed recently on Home Theater Geeks. He may have recognized, then solved the problem with with 3D movies in general. Sadly, he quckly filed for patent protection, which will likely stagnate adoption. But the gist is that 3D movies capture left/right stereo images simultaneously, but then get projected sequentially. He realized film should first be captured, just as it will be projected. All the problems that the general public gripe about, go away when the cameras are designed with projection in mind. He explains it very well, and I got that ahah!!! moment, when it all made sense. Google it HTG 285


Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:42 am
by JacobVR
For those that are calling CGI insignificant and unworthy to hold a plot and simply there as 'eye candy' you are close-minded. Movies like Toy Story, Shrek, Terminator, ect are all revolutionary and seemingly made their mark in the movie world. CGI is growing as the years pass and it is becoming a more formidable design for movie making. I myself have seen disappointing movies like Spy Kids 3D or Journey to the Center of the Earth but when i saw the previews for Avatar in the theaters i was breath taken by the stunning graphics and excited about the director. I hope that when i see this movie i'll be immersed into the plot and not even have to think, "Wow these graphics are great," but, "this story line is truly unique." I have a good feeling about this movie.