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Boston VR Meetup with Simmetri and Archean

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:27 pm
by rustysawdust
Join us December 16th for Boston Home Grown Part 3 and experience Simmetri and Archean, two incredible VR environments being created right here in Boston!

For full details please see our event page: ... 225185827/

Simmetri ( is a game engine and virtual playground for creating interactive art and 3D experiences for screens or VR. It features an immersive UI designed to enable the rapid development of ideas through experimentation and play. It also features an extensive toolset to build stuff from scratch and it can work with your own 3D models, music, sound, and images. Simmetri’s goal is to give a larger audience of people a tool to produce interactive content for screens or VR and it was created right here in Boston.

The meetup presentation will comprise of a super quick intro followed by a live demo where we’ll build an experience together and see how its editing environment works.


Archean is a VR creation game and worldbuilding tool designed to let players, developers, and artists build worlds and experiences together, inside VR. Archean Sandbox is the standalone creation game, coming to all VR platforms, designed for creative players who want to build and share their own worlds. Archean Developer is an upcoming Unity extension which will let game developers use Archean's tools within Unity, so they can build and iterate on their own games and environments without leaving VR.

[youtube] ... MTk8xS6AXE[/youtube]


We'll also be joined by VirZOOM; a Boston homegrown VR bicycling experience. VirZOOM creates thrilling VR experiences powered by you. Pedal your VirZOOM Controller to propel yourself through endlessly exciting VR games. Power a horse in a race, a tank in battle, a fire-breathing dragon through mountains. Patent pending software controls keep you feeling good. A workout without the work.

[youtube] ... euHvHBnE4c[/youtube]

PLEASE NOTE: Our venue requires our guests to sign in with a photo ID at the security desk. When you RSVP you'll get a pop up question; please enter your full name as it appears on your ID. Thanks for your cooperation.

Re: Boston VR Meetup with Simmetri and Archean

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 10:41 pm
by cybereality
Very cool.