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Windows 10 (Its a pretty good OS)

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:24 pm
by Dom
So I finally am giving windows 10 a shot. I installed it as the free upgrade from windows 8.1 . So my upgrade path was windows 7 oem x64 then bought windows 8 upgrade in 2012-13 now onto windows 10 pro x64.

I reserved a copy and it said it could take days or weeks to get an email back to install and have a background transfer. So I used the Microsoft media creation tool program and this lets you install windows 10 much faster. Overall the upgrade was flawless, it let me keep all my stuff going and just took out windows media center. This windows 10 is on my workstation where I read and do email and music....

Now one of the best features of Windows 10 is "Cortana" this digital voice assistant on windows desktop is awesome. I can say "Hey Cortana can you search the web for Meant to Be Seen 3D .com" and just like that Cortana on Windows 10 will load up the edge browser and show search results. Its fast too, mostly faster than typing or opening up your browser with a mouse and keyboard.

Cortana can also pause and play music by saying "Cortana Pause - or Play", Yeah I have a subscription of Xbox Music "Groove". Its a 10 dollar a month music pass to listen to their catalog.

Overall I am diggin' Microsofts newest OS 10. I still have windows 8.1 on my gaming pc. So I will need to upgrade for Direct X 12 and improved support. I did finally get windows 8.1 working perfect and now OS 10 is going strong. I heard it was over 25% market share now.


Re: Windows 10 (Its a pretty good OS)

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 3:05 pm
by Likay
I still swear that the peak of good times with computers was during the "winxp times". Now it's a steady downhill. Win10 no exception.

Re: Windows 10 (Its a pretty good OS)

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:08 pm
by LyleVertigo
Windows 10 has better boot times and file exploring options but aside from that there is little improvement over 7/8.1.

Game performance takes a minuscule hit as well, with Windows 7 outperforming 10 (again by narrow margin)

The integration between multiple platforms is a double edged sword, and as convenient as it is to be able to access content between devices, you also have to consider the risks involved in case one of these devices were stolen or compromised.

My largest beef with Windows 10 is the privacy issue. There is one thing that you cannot switch off via use of tools (as of yet), and that's the Trusted Computing in coordination with the TPM module. These two things can be used by the NSA to enter directly into your hardware, bypassing all security measures. Hackers will be capable of doing the same thing as well.
Adding to the paranoia that Microsoft received a huge subsidiary from the US government should make anyone raise eyebrows. In these last few years we have received several instances where corporations have been caught selling or exposing personal data of their consumers everyone should be on guard with their data today.

Re: Windows 10 (Its a pretty good OS)

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:46 am
by JacobVR
Windows is all that too many people will ever experience, unfortunately. Microsoft has millions and millions for marketing, as does Apple. When you give away Ubuntu for free, which is a great thing, you don't have the advertising budget to match Apple and Microsoft's ad campaigns. Ubuntu is faster, safer and cheaper than Windows; however there are times that installation and setup of some components may require command line interaction, and that is a deal breaker for millions, unfortunately. Once Ubuntu's Unity is set up for the user, the daily use is actually very smooth and easy going, as a similar observation could be said for Windows 10 start menu's mess. Having a tech that understands the goal of user friendliness, set up the novice, or beginner's computer really makes a big difference. If you need Windows for your proprietary / work software, then you need Windows. However for what most people do with their computers, Ubuntu is faster, safer, and offers a better IT experience, for home, and many workstation users. Having one update/upgrade program under Ubuntu and Macintosh get all your software dates is much better than what Windows users face with interminable Java updates packed with malware tool bars and browser hijacks; separate Adobe updates for Flash and Reader; and almost daily MS updates telling users not to turn off their machines, or just providing a blank screen. Some spend almost as much time with all the individual updates than time spent with actual productivity. On the flip side, once Ubuntu is set up, the daily use is a better experience, including the free LibreOffice which is nicer for most users than the expensive and complex ribbons of MS Office.

Re: Windows 10 (Its a pretty good OS)

Posted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:51 pm
by Tril
I like Windows 10 except two things :
  • There's a bug that limits the items in the start menu to 512. If you have more than that, they don't appear. it's been months since Windows 10 was released and it's not fixed yet.
  • Settings menus are even more confusing than before. Luckily, they kept the old settings windows that you can access by right clicking the windows start menu.