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VRVANA, OSVR & Meta @BostonVRMeetup on 7/29

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:28 pm
by rustysawdust
Come join us and strap on two new head mounted displays from VRVANA and OSVR! As usual we'll also have a number of demos from our local members on display and this time we'll also have special guest Meta doing augmented reality demos!
Vrvana is developing a unique headset called Totem, capable of VR and soon AR. Totem is built for enterprise and prosumer markets and will be available in 2016. Distinctive features such as onboard video processing and dual cameras allow for multiplatform use, higher FPS and positional tracking without the need for other devices than the headset itself and a host. The multidisciplinary team is located in Montreal, a hotbed for content creators, game studios, VFX and computer vision.

Application fields include architecture, medical, simulation, education, e-tourism, cinema, telepresence and of course gaming. We are excited to demonstrate a prototype at Boston VR!
OSVR - Open Source Virtual Reality - is a joint effort by dozens of industry leaders to promote innovation, choice and open standards in virtual and augmented reality. Founded by Sensics, a provider of proferssional-grade VR solutions, and Razer, a global leader in products for gamers, OSVR has attracted the support of over 100 hardware, software and academic organizations. The talk by Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics and founding contributor to OSVR will discuss the three key pillars of OSVR: an open-source software platform that allows easy discovery, configuration and operation of a wide range of VR devices, an open-source hardware project and a thriving community of contributors.

IMPORTANT: Our venue requires us to provide a guest list so people can check in at the security desk to get their access cards. Please bring a photo ID for check-in at the security desk. All guests must RSVP on Your account name must match the name on your ID; if you'd prefer not to use your real name please contact us via private message.