Genji Glove & Myo Studios at Boston VR Meetup on 3/25

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Genji Glove & Myo Studios at Boston VR Meetup on 3/25

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Join us for Boston Homegrown Part 2, the second in our meetup series featuring virtual realities created right here in Boston! This time we'll feature two more local companies doing great work in VR. As usual we'll also have lots of VR demos for you to experience. Please note that all attendees must RSVP on the event page to get on the guest list: ... 219806282/

The Genji Glove is a wearable input device that lends itself especially well to virtual reality, sporting a few fabric-buttons and a joystick, the gloves can be a drop-in replacement for a traditional controller. However, with very detailed sensors for fine-motor control, gesture recognition, and EMG (muscle sensors) the Genji Glove can be applied in ways that vision systems and controllers can't provide. It's fast and accurate enough to translate American Sign Language in real time. It takes less than 2 minutes to train new gestures. It supports full avateering and it can feel the effort you put into your actions like nothing else. And it's made right here in Boston!

Myo Studios, a small creative content start-up located in Brookline, hot off the heels of their first project working with the Boston Society of Architects, will be undertaking their most ambitious project to date; capturing real world cuisine for the VR world! Currently underdevelopment, 'Perception Fixe' (tentative title) is being touted as the first ever VR food blog, featuring real dishes from Boston and its surrounding areas. Through magic of photogrammetry (a method of developing 3D models from photography) Oculus Rift users will be invited to sit down and experience the best that Boston has to offer, from local greasy spoon burgers to haute cuisine. It's sure to be a mouth watering experience!

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