need some suggestions for my rig idea

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need some suggestions for my rig idea

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Hi, I've just registered and I've been having this hmd idea of my own, but apparently I don't know how should I put it. I need help on identifying the right hardware for my idea

The idea here is to have 2 lcd instead of one as proposed on diy hmd (I've seen it on the main website wiki I think) but that uses a single big lcd panel.

What I really wanted to have is to put 2 lcd panels placed for each eyes on the compartment later, but there will be a button for it.

This button will switch between 2 modes:

1. The display will be identical; each eye will see same image and no 3d here but will make the navigation easier without taking off the hmd (more like the pc will recognize those 2 lcds as one monitor)
2. The display will be extended; the display will be halved and divided across the lcds (the pc will recognize the lcds as 2 separate monitor and extend the display across it)

This is to either watch any 3d sbs content with option 2, or just normal usage with option 1 but of course that would need a lvds that can switch between both modes.

Do correct me if I'm wrong here or this idea has been made before or not. It's just an idea that I might consider working on in the future.

Thank you in advance

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