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Dan Brown’s “Inferno” inspired by Mass Effect is NOW A MOVIE

Posted: Sat May 31, 2014 1:27 pm
by Dilip
Just finished reading INFERNO by Dan Brown. ... n_novel%29

I really admire Dan Brown for his great narrative style, awesome research and great references to art and history in his novels. Inferno in particular is much exciting as it narrates first failure of 'RL' :P thus salvation of mankind by some virus which controls human 'POP CAP'. Its burning issue of next 100 years, after that may be we would have exosted Mother Earth and Might be on some other planet. May be some of our descendents :idea:

There is also an interesting article on Goof-ups ... d-science/
There is in-depth analysis of why creation of Bertrand Zobrist is impossible practically.

Sadly though, Ricki Lewis did not paid much attention to idea of 'Inferno' from where it could be conceived.

Since first mass effect was released in Nov 2007, there is really a long gap between ME1 and 'Inferno' release 2013.
Anyone can check the dates old as 2008.

I think the KROGAN Genophage developed by SALARIANs to control "POPULATION" of AGGRESSIVELY BREEDING KROGANS and birth control has some stark similarities with Zobrist's 'INFERNO', Can't it be?

Re: Dan Brown’s “Inferno” inspired by Mass Effect

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 4:06 am
by Dilip
The Novel i liked and intrigued me for many reasons has finally turned in to a motion picture.

Little sad and angry after watching this though as this is the case where motion picture underwhelms the narration.

There was case like Lord of the Ring, where all the movies were equal or more grand to what was written in words, Inferno proved to be case of otherwise. Most part of movie remains true to narration except poor representation of Consortium, wrong conception of Inferno itself and of course the End.Irrfan Khan was right choice of Provost but didn't justify due to poor script and direction,very very cheesy and underwhelming setup of Consortium .

I had same feeling when i have seen Anil Kapoor's role in movie Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.. he was displayed as stupid villain who does every thing stupid and over loud. Anil Kapoor has 1000 times better capability to play good roll Hollywood Series "24" Proves it. The thing was in this movie, director wanted to show his roll as Cheap and Dumb both together.

I Very disliked end of movie Inferno, as it was just botched up plot form novel. Ben Foster was just right Bertrand Zobrist, Very nice acting and again lost opportunity by poor script and bad direction, Movie portrayed him in beginning as charismatic messiah his warnings were rightful, later his invention was revealed as some thing otherwise (mass murder Bio weapon).

Inferno as per book was not to cut the existing human horde, rather it was engineered to control the future population by random activated vector virus which makes some of all infertile, so that earth do not get over populated and resources remains to sustain the growth for those who survive.

First 70% of movie is good, true to book yet seem slow and lack intensity. Movie can be given watchable tag, the end was different and this different was not good.
Those who plan to see this movie must read novel first is only recommendation.