MTBS Newswire Reminder

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MTBS Newswire Reminder

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Hello everyone!

We know you enjoy reading MTBS' Newswire, which is a continued summary of the leading stories being published about 3D entertainment and related stories around the Internet, complete with a link to the source.

Always make a point to visit MTBS Newswire's main page first, because there could be a long delay before all the stories appear in the forums. In many cases, the stories require someone to click on the "comments" button for the system to seed a forum post, which is why you aren't seeing every story listed here right away.

Also, please check MTBS' Newswire before posting in the User Contributed News section. That will save us a lot of double posting in the forums. We try to stick as close to the original press release as possible, rather than paraphrased work put out by blogs, etc.

Thanks in advance,


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