Got Dirt2 and Flatout4 working in mono with rift CV1

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Got Dirt2 and Flatout4 working in mono with rift CV1

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Hi there,

I discovered vireio only recently. After looking at kegetys work to make his Richard Burn Rally VR mod it lowered my hope he could do a similar mod for one of my favorite game, Test drive unlimited (TDU1), as he said somewhere he may not want to redo this work for any other game. Seing how much effort he had to put to make his RBR VR mod also lowered my hopes I could do such a mod myself for TDU1 (I have some basic programming skill but maybe not enough to make such a mod, at least not without investing a large amount of time on documenting).

So when I discovered vireio I saw in it a possible easier way to make my dream of playing TDU1 in VR come true. Thanks to a post from Zabeus in this forum I understood v3 was not compatible with the rift CV1. Also I realized v4 alpha3 only supports DX11 games currently, so goodbye TDU1 which is DX9 only.

Still I wanted to try with other games to at least see the result to check if it may be an option from playing TDU in VR in the future if the project is not abandonned and the DX9 support and Aquilinus profiler were released one day (I hope so! ). But I wanted to try this with racing games which have no profil in the current V4 alpha3, so I just tried to hack exisitng profils by replacing the name of the exe, and it worked ! :)

Dirt 2:

I have had the best result with Dirt2. Without having to do anything special this game run at 90fps when ran through vireio 4 in the 2D cinema and the game smoothness is excellent ! I wanted to compare this result with 2 other solutions: steamVR cinema mode and the beta oculus home in which you can pop desktop displays. SteamVR doesn't seem to let you run non steam games in cinema mode (yes, forgot to say my Dirt 2 is the dvd version), even after adding the game to steam you don't have the same option when right clicking than for steam games. With oculus rift beta and its virtual desktop it worked, but I think I prefered the result obtained with vireio v4 mono cinema.

Flatout 4:

This one was as easy to make it work but the result was not as good as dirt 2 regarding smoothness. It has uncapped framerate according to pcgamewiki (very useful database) but stay limited to 60fps due to my 60hz monitor. So the smoothness was not as good as dirt2 running at 90fps. It is still very playable at 60fps though, only distant objects in the background are seen duplicating a bit when you turn due to the lack of fps vs the HMD screen refreshing at 90hz.

So I tried to figure out a way to work around this limitation and managed to make the game run higher than the 60fps allowed by my 60hz monitor by creating a fake monitor in windows (I'm using win10 btw), making it primary (so the game run on this and not my 60hz monitor) and I used the new CV1 virtual desktop feature (from the new home) to be able to interact with this fake screen that don't physically exists :D

Doing so I could now set higher refresh rate within the game options but the result were not as good as expected. I was able to try up to 200hz (also tried 75, 90, 100, 120 and maybe some other more) but the duplicating from distance moving objects were still there. Maybe a bit less, I'm not even sure, but surely not as good as what I have with dirt 2. So I'm not sure if flatout 4 was really running at the set refresh I tried. I could try to hook my old crt to verify but haven't had the time to do so yet. Anyway, even at the current state it is very playable without causing headache and such a crazy game display accross a large part of my FOV in a VR helmet made me smile. I know this episode didn't receive a very good feedback from the gaming community and I can understand why, but really the short try I made simply using my keyboard gave me some nice fun. Even in 2D I felt immersed in this stockcar crazyness of old cars popping from beside my field of view. Now my real love with this game licence will remain the first one where cars damaged had a huge impact on the driving. Flatout 2 was already a bit disappointing for me when it was released, with a game play which began to be more forgiving than what flatout 1 was offering (still a good game I would also happily play in VR, but I'd try flatout 1 first :D).

3D cinema:

I also tried 3D profiles with those 2 games but was not able to hook the dll. So I tried rome 2 and lord of the fallen to at least have an insight of the 3D cinema result with vireio but could make them work. The only hook I managed was with lord of the fallen using openVR mode and the display was that flickering I could do any proper test (I've read here this vireio v4 alpha 3 was too old to keep up with last steamVR updates, explaining the flicker. I tried playing with steamVR option, reprojection, downsampling, etc. but no way it will always flicker like hell).

Full immersive: not tried yet.

So, any chance the profiler (and DX9 support!) will be released soon ? I have seen this is being promised for maybe almost a year now, and last post from EisernSchild is from early october 2017. Is he still working on it ? I have filtered his posts and he was talking about aquilinus being 95% completed in November 2016 :D

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