Fallout 4 Vive

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Fallout 4 Vive

Post by Vanadium »

I set up (I hope) everything correctly but when I started up fallout 4, the screen was flipping in and out of the fallout 4 screen with glitchy rainbow textures and the standard background screen. I then closed it down and realized that I didn't have the settings turned off as I should have(Depth of field, ambient occlusion etc). So I switched those off but then it refused to display anything from fallout 4 anywhere. What did I do wrong?

Edit: So I got it partially working,but the background screen of my VR Home flickers in and out.

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Re: Fallout 4 Vive

Post by EisernSchild »

Hi Vanadium !

Yes, there is a new flicker issue (since the last SteamVR updates) on the OpenVR plugins we already fixed. Send me a PM if i should send you the required new dlls.

Regards, Denis

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