Vireio 4.3 with HTC Vive = graphical problems!

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Vireio 4.3 with HTC Vive = graphical problems!

Post by Denaris »


I just got a Vive and a new Windows 10 rig to run it. It works great and I've been trying to get other games to work with Vireio. I downloaded Vireio, followed the instructions to the letter, and I was able to get Shadows of Mordor and Alien Isolation to run inside of the Vireio cinema.

Sort of.

The thing is, it seems to inject correctly, but inside my headset as soon as the injection happens I see the 4 walls of the V. Cinema, but they jitter when I move my head even slightly. It's like they move a little bit and then snap back to where they should be, creating a nausea-inducing experience. For example, I see 2 sets of base stations: one set is the stationary pair I'm used to and another set overlaid on top of them move when I move my head and then immediately "snap back" to the positions of the stationary base stations.

Finally, clicking the MTBS3D round icon at the bottom next to "Vive - Desktop - Settings" causes everything to freak out visually. Panels are now askew at odd angles and color saturation is halved. It's hard to see and if I didn't already want to hurl, I do now!

Question: did I do something wrong with installation? I followed the manual that came with Vireio 4 alpha 3.

For Alien Isolation (a 32 bit profile):
I copied openvr.api.dll from C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\bin\win32 to C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Alien Isolation
I disabled Steam Overlay and Desktop Game Theatre.
I ran Perception_Win32.exe
In the VIREIO PERCEPTION app, I chose "Alien: Isolation" and "OpenVR"
I clicked the large grey rectangle with the red border. The border turned yellow and a huge yellow window that read, "Neil's Messy Basement" appeared.
I started the game Alien Isolation from within Steam.
My image in my Vive headset changed to Vireio Cinema, and the visual problems I described above started. It's like the head tracking refresh is messed up a bit.

Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong, or if you're seeing the same problems with Vireio + HTC Vive.


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Re: Vireio 4.3 with HTC Vive = graphical problems!

Post by EisernSchild »

Hi Denaris !

Please note that the last Version (Alpha 3) is still an alpha version, that means early-access and so we still have much things not completed.

OpenVR now (the SteamVR api) had have lots of updates the last time. One is asynchronous reprojection, this is what causes the flicker since we did not update the driver here right now : ... rojection/

We currently concentrate on finishing up DX9 and christmas rush gives me less time for the driver. BUT soon i can get back to the cinema and then we can talk about the final, eventual driver v4.

The MTBS3D round icon already had those troubles you decribe and will be removed eventually since not needed any more.

So... NO, you did not do anything wrong. We just have to update the driver for the latest OpenVR updates.

Regards, Denis

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