Skyrim Config

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Skyrim Config

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This info is from the oculus forums here ... 2&start=20
I just wanted to put it all in one spot.

Edit Profiles.xml in the Vireio install folder Perception\cfg\ with notepad or similar text editor.

Find this line
<profile game_name="Skyrim Launcher"

Change worldScaleFactor="2.18698" default is 1

Change convergence="3.0" default is 0

Save and close, restart perception if its currently running.

I had to edit the game to disable shadows (strobing) as stated in the docs

If you don't want to play with shadows, find the file "SkyrimPrefs.ini" in "MyDocuments\My Games\Skyrim"
Change the following settings:


Start Vireio then start skyrim. Open the console with ~ and type "fov 110" hit enter and ~ again.

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