Announcement: VorpX - Rift 3D Driver

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Re: Announcement: VorpX - Rift 3D Driver

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Tankshell wrote:Why do you choose to communicate this here, rather than, y'know, on your official website and blog?

Just sayin'
He probebly don have that much community or intrested people who may invest in his stuff and he see concentration of his potetial buyer more here......harshly simple.

While i don see when TRIDEF is already offering SBS with their middleware, which is STRONGLY BACKEd by THEM. Whats stopping them to add prewarraping, which must not be rocket science for them. May be they are evaluating potatial of RIFT and may join game after consumer release.

Little skeptical though for 2D+Z Depth as they introduce annoying mirror like shimmering edge around main character and in FPS around hand and gun if depth+Pop out kept high to eleminate you got to keep depth very law which then affect whole concept of playing in 3D.

I have also not liked Power3D of tridef which is essantially 2D+Z Depth only and due to above said reasons look fake i played initial 40 Minutes of game play of TOMBRAIDER 2013 in Power3D then give up till i get working acutal 3D in new release of Tridef Ignition. i don know what Ralph is doing to address this things.

While my looking in VorpeX Direction is mainly due to ME2 and ME3 Supported as well as this article ... vorpx-6017

I believe relasing trial version with atleast 2 or 3 Games supported will give idea to people what VorpeX can do. i don post it in my own intrest as i still don have RIFT.

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