Oculus rendering: user profile required ?

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One Eyed Hopeful
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Oculus rendering: user profile required ?

Post by Jrius »

Hello everyone !

I was wondering, is an Oculus user profile required to use Vireio in "Oculus Rift (All Variants)" mode ? Currently it causes games to crash on startup (I tried with Portal 1 & 2 and Skyrim).

Browsing through the forums, it seems Vireio uses the Oculus SDK for this particular rendering mode. I have the Oculus 0.5 runtime installed, but since I don't own an Oculus, and don't know anyone who does, I can't create a profile.

I'm streaming my screen to my phone, got headtracking to work fine, etc, but the "DIY Rift" rendering mode looks horrible with my headset. I need to customize the various rendering options (barrel distortion, etc), but it seems it's only available in the Oculus rendering mode.

Oh, and my specs:
- Win8.1
- NVidia GeForce GTX 760m
- Vireio Perception 2.1.6 (also tried with 3.0.1, still crashing)
- Oculus Runtime 0.5 (obviously)
- Steam version of Portal 1 & 2 and Skyrim

Thanks in advance.

One Eyed Hopeful
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Joined: Fri Aug 12, 2016 11:18 am

Re: Oculus rendering: user profile required ?

Post by Jrius »

Progress... I managed to overcome the Oculus user profile thing !
All you need to do is create this file: C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\Oculus\ProfileDB.json, and put double brackets {} in it. That's all, Oculus doesn't care about missing data in it and defaults everything else. Neat.
(Actually, a Google search on ProfileDB.json can bring up some examples of what is supposed to be in this file, but putting valid data into ProfileDB doesn't prevent the next crash)

Yeah, games still crash on startup though. However this time the logs don't say much:

Code: Select all

(various messages indicating loading user profile is ok)
95	4,85052396	portal2	PxHelp: Already have base value.
96	4,85054449	portal2	C:\Perception\cfg\users.xml
97	4,85065832	portal2	Load the specific profile!!!
98	4,85068352	portal2	Save the settings to profile!!!
99	4,85103528	portal2	Using Rift Profile:
100	4,85106187	portal2	Default
101	4,85108333	portal2	Male
102	4,85110386	portal2	RiftDK2
103	4,85112999	portal2	IPD: 0.064
104	4,85115378	portal2	PlayerHeight: 1.778
105	5,58577571	portal2	[OK] Normal D3D device created
106	5,58585875	portal2	Number of back buffers = 1
107	5,58592360	portal2	Format of back buffers = 15
108	5,58595579	portal2	D3DSWAPEFFECT_DISCARD
109	5,58599544	portal2	[OK] Config loading - OK
110	5,58603090	portal2	[OK] Stereo mode is enabled.
111	5,58606589	portal2	Config type: 101
112	5,58614613	portal2	D3D ProxyDev Created
113	5,58619419	portal2	Try to init VR Boost
114	5,58719490	portal2	VR Boost Loaded
115	5,58724109	portal2	Success loading VRboost methods.
116	5,58730314	portal2	PxHelp: Success opening key.
117	5,58735585	portal2	PxHelp: Success with GetString.
118	5,58739737	portal2	C:\Perception\
119	5,58746269	portal2	C:\Perception\
120	5,58752847	portal2	PxHelp: Already have base value.
121	5,58766143	portal2	HMDisplayInfo_OculusRift()
122	6,60095807	portal2	No HMD Detected - Creating Debug DK2
123	6,60228022	portal2	C:\Games\Steam\crashhandler.dll
124	6,60248550	portal2	C:\Games\Steam\steamerrorreporter.exe
125	6,60293197	portal2	C:\Games\Steam\steamerrorreporter.exe
126	6,60352866	portal2	Starting minidump reporter process
127	6,67128363	steamerrorreporter	SHIMVIEW: ShimInfo(Complete)
128	6,72369014	steamerrorreporter	SteamErrorReporter process started
129	9,14059746	Steam	Game removed: AppID 620 "Portal 2", ProcID 1620
130	9,15124233	Steam	No cached sticky mapping in ActivateActionSet.
Hmmm, no error message or anything. Game launches, black screen, and crash. Happens with both Perception 2 and 3 (although 3 has an extra error message saying it cannot init OculusTrack, since VP3 doesn't allow you to select tracking mode when using Oculus Rift rendering)

I hope one of the devs here has time to have a look at this... Not being able to use Vireio with a DIY headset is pretty annoying.

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