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 Sonic Lost World, errors with Vireio Perception 
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Two Eyed Hopeful

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I downloaded the latest version of Vireio Perception and added a profile (to profiles.xml) as well as an additional XML file (to the shader_rules subdirectory), to try and use it with Sonic Lost World. I had already tried the same technique, with the same version of the driver, with a program I made, and the driver was activated as expected, so I thought the same would happen with Sonic Lost World. This is the new profile I added to profiles.xml:
<profile game_name="Sonic Lost World" game_exe="slw.exe" shaderModRules="slw.xml" rollImpl="1" worldScaleFactor="5" game_type="0032300" swap_eyes="true" />

And this is the new slw.xml file I created:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <rule id="1" constantType="MatrixC" modToApply="1" startReg="0"/>

    <ruleID id="1" />

However, what happens instead when I run Sonic Lost World is that a LOT of error messages appear, one after another. They all say the same thing: "The procedure entry point ??!BaseDirect3D9@@UAE@XZ could not be located in the dynamic link library d3d9.dll".
As per this thread, I tried to fix the error by copying the file d3d9.dll that came with the driver (as well as libfreespace.dll) into the same directory as slw.exe. This, however, gave me another error: "The procedure entry point direct3dcreate9ex could not be located in the dynamic link library d3d9.dll".

What is going on, and how can I fix the error? This is the only game I have that gives me this problem. Also (I don't know whether it's relevant or not, but I'd better mention it) it's the only game I have that CRASHES (black screen and "slw.exe has stopped working" error) whenever I try to run it with the iz3D driver.
I should probably also mention that the game runs correctly if I exclude it from every stereo driver I have.

Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:11 pm
Vireio Perception Developer
Vireio Perception Developer
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Hi DevilMaster !

Direct3D 9 Ex is an improved D3D9 for later Versions of Windows. Here's what Microsoft quotes :

Note Direct3DCreate9Ex is supported only in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7. Earlier versions of the D3D9.dll library do not include Direct3D9Ex and Direct3DCreate9Ex.

The Vireio D3D9.dll also does not include Direct3D9Ex and Direct3DCreate9Ex. Unfortunately we never found the time to really include that. Since "Sonic Lost World" is a very new title it uses the last version of Direct3D9 (in case Ex).

We are currently fully stuck to D3D11 and the new architecture but should eventually also find the time to care about D3D9 Ex. But i can't say a date now.

Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:35 pm
Two Eyed Hopeful

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Ah, so that's why it works without stereoscopic drivers: I have Windows 7, so my DirectX include that function, but the stereo drivers don't.
That makes me curious to try something. Back in 2004, I had been able to run Doom 3 with Windows 98 by hex-editing its executable and replacing every call to GlobalMemoryStatusEx with calls to GlobalMemoryStatus. I wonder what's gonna happen if I replace calls to Direct3DCreate9Ex with calls to Direct3DCreate9...

EDIT: Now I know what happens. Nothing changes. The behavior is still the same with both iz3D and Perception drivers.

Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:12 pm
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