VRBoost Scan always fails in Antichamber

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VRBoost Scan always fails in Antichamber

Post by Unknown-Scientist »

I am kind of new to this but I did my best to document myself before starting this thread in a last resort.

I just wanted to play Antichamber with VRBoost, but the scanner keeps failing.

I tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it to completely reset the FOV to the default value (by the way, if anyone knows what is the default value for this game's FOV, that would help me a lot)

Every time I run the scanner I have as few background programms as possible, the scanner finds around 45 to 53 possible candidates (I don't know if it's normal), so I move my mouse (that was placed above the horizon and slightly to the right) in small concentrical circles. Then, only 2-3 seconds after scanning started, the scan fails because of TIMEOUT.

My headset is à Google Cardboard 5,5' that I use with TrinusVR. I didn't know which option to choose for Perception so I chose DIY Rift / Shared Memory Tracking, because it seemed to be the only one working (all the other ones would result in a HMD NOT INITIALIZED)

Thanks you for your help and consideration to my problem.

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Re: VRBoost Scan always fails in Antichamber

Post by EisernSchild »

Hi Unknown-Scientist !

Unfortunately, DRBeef ( the author of the VRBoost-Scanner ) took a timeout from the project for personal reasons. We currently work hard to finish the new architecture of the driver which will also result in an overwork of VRBoost. Please be patient, i will take a look at this when i start this overwork.

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