Guide for Debugging VR Boost

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Guide for Debugging VR Boost

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How to test if a game's VR Boost settings are correct.
Important - Please read first
This tutorial is aimed to provide the Vireio development team with feedback from users who are having issues with VR Boost. Typical VR Boost problems include where headtracking is not working but the driver has correctly separated into two images and headtracking functions if "Force mouse emulation" is switched on. Please be aware that Cheat Engine is banned from anti-cheat services such as Punk Buster. You should never play online with Cheat Engine or VR Boost running. Doing so may result in a ban. You have been warned!

1) Download Cheat Engine from
2) Download CT (Cheat Table) file for relevant game (see attachments in RAR file on this forum).
3) Start game in normal mode (without Vireio Perception) and set to windowed mode in options (alternatively ALT + Enter) and reduce resolution such that you can easily see and move the game window
4) Close game.
5) Restart game with Vireio Perception running (copy DLLs if necessary) and enter the proper game (I.e. not in main menu)
6) Open Cheat Engine
7) In Cheat Engine Select File -> Open process
8) Choose game process from the process list IE XXXXXXX-bioshock.exe
9) Click File -> Open File and select the downloaded .CT relevant to the game.
10) Make sure the pointer entries are visible in the lower part of the cheat table screen. Take a screenshot at post it to this forum.

Example Screenshot
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