Portal1 and Portal2 not work, black screen.

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Portal1 and Portal2 not work, black screen.

Post by JoseM2S »

After running Vireio as administrator, run Portal 1 and 2 and Portal as administrator too, the screen goes black and then I return to the desktop without showing any error message. I copied the .dll along with the .exe of the game (running vireio and portal as administrator) and doesn't work, even copied .dll in the bin folder of the game and still not working, don't know if it's a problem with these games in specific or it's a problem of my PC with Vireio.

I have a mid 2011 iMac with Bootcamp: Windows 7 Enterprise x64-bit, AMD Radeon HD 6750M.

I hope you can help me, greetings!

PD: With Tridef 3D Ignition works perfectly, but I need play with Vireio because I have a DIY RIFT.

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Re: Portal1 and Portal2 not work, black screen.

Post by Neil »

We haven't done much in the way of testing with the DIY Rift option. We can't speak to compatibility with that option yet.


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