Portal 2 Shadow Convergence

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Portal 2 Shadow Convergence

Post by frenkinstein »

Hey guys, so portal 1 works fine with VorpX but portal 2 just crashes it seems, so I've been trying to use it with Virieo. I eventually got the settings to work correctly so that the world converges correctly at the same time as my crosshair (took a while) but I noticed one thing thats driving me crazy. Even though everything else is working fine, the shadows dont converge. I turned off dynamic shadows so that they dont slide around, but where the shadows are displayed in my left and right eye are slightly different, and it strains my eyes. Anyone have a fix for this?

edit: also, small thing, but the mouse doesnt reall work with the menu, I only see it in one eye and its not lined up right, small thing though and doesnt bug me much, but if that helps figure out the problem great. I also noticed that some shadows just arent in one eye at all, but are in the other.

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Re: Portal 2 Shadow Convergence

Post by Neil »

Can you share screenshots with FRAPS?

I know you mentioned dynamic shadows. Did you turn the dynamic shadows off as they are described in the Vireio documentation file (game by game instructions are included)?

There should be no need to adjust crosshair and shadows with world scale. That's a recipe for disaster right there.


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