TrackIR and Mechwarrior 5

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TrackIR and Mechwarrior 5

Post by Tachi20 »

Hello there, and thank you for reading this.

I'm trying to use the TrackIR script with Mechwarrior 5, which does have a "free look" button.

I'd like to be able to hold a button down through the script when I toggle it with Z.

For example, in MW5, Left CTRL when held down allows the mouse to look freely around. I don't know how to do it, but I'd like to hit Z to toggle,
then the script can constantly hold down CTRL for me so I can freely move around while looking around similar to many space game or Mechwarrior Online for that matter.

Thank you for any help. It would be much more immersive this way.

Update: I found a topic that toggled the right mouse button being held down. Used that with basic TrackIR script and even the one made for Empyrion. Works like a charm,
I already use a mapper program for my Joystick, so I dedicated a button to hit both the toggle for the script itself and the toggle to hold the button down. Worked better than I thought.

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