Wireless radiation and virtual reality headsets

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Wireless radiation and virtual reality headsets

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This could be a controversial topic.

It concerns the prolonged use of cellular phones in close proximity to the head.

We are seeing this situation emerge with smartphone enabled virtual reality headsets.

The dose of wireless radiation is affected by many factors.

For example, how the phone is being operating wirelessly, how close the phone is to the head or other vulnerable tissue, and the physical size of the users head and skull thickness.

For the most part, a phone can be put in 'aeroplane mode' to limit radiation, or potentially it could be made to receive wireless signals as opposed to send them for wireless applications.

This recent science expose on ABC Catalyst on ABC TV in Australia last night, highlights concerns about the long term dangers of wireless phone use.

Episode 3 Wi-Fried

Wi-Fi blankets our homes, schools & cities. Dr Maryanne Demasi takes a closer look at the link between mobile phones & brain cancer & explores whether our wireless devices could be putting our health at risk. #ABCcatalyst

Broadcast 8:00pm Tuesday 16 February 2016. Available online until 1 March 2016


Interestingly, the program says Australia, Canada and the USA have some of the highest permissible levels of wireless exposures from mobile phones.

I am sure the lawyers will be very interested in following this subject.


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