3D Rocks, Baby!

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3D Rocks, Baby!

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Even though anaglyph 3D might be seen as old and retro, I find it very exciting because it works on any monitor. Yes, any monitor :woot ! Even a CRT, regular television, or projector. Kind of like how my pencil can write in any language. That means you can start being a stereoscoper today, with your existing hardware, through the power of software, even FREE software! IZ3D has a free anaglyph mode, for example. What's so cool is that you can use the interception technique to create stereoscopic 3D in games that don't have a steroscopic 3D feature. So theoretically, unless the game is truly 2D like pacman, you can make any game stereoscopic 3D.

Ever since I have switched to Linux, I can't go back to Windows. I've watched WINE get better and better :D , a program that lets you run Windows programs in non-Windows operating systems, including games. It is not a virtual machine or emulator. It is a wrapper that converts Windows APIs to the host OS's APIs, so there is little performance lost. In fact, you likely will have overall performance gain from replacing Windows with Linux. There are even Windows games I can't play in Windows that I can play in WINE in Linux. Graphics calls are still rendered on your real graphics card or integrated chipset, not in software on the CPU.

So I have looked for something that hooks graphics calls and makes them anaglyphic like IZ3D does, but for Linux. The only one I have found is VRizer. The only download link to it I have found was an attachment to a post on a thread at this forum. So I created an account to download it. Unfortuanately VRizer is dead and closed-source. Thank you VERY MUCH mickeyjaw for the link!: http://www.mtbs3d.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2939. Maybe something opensource will be developed and replace it.


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