Vivitek D510: Ultra Cheap 3D-DLP Projector

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Vivitek D510: Ultra Cheap 3D-DLP Projector

Post by cybereality »


I just stumbled upon the Vivitek D510, an ultra cheap SVGA DLP projector that supports DLP-Link 3D. Amazon has it right now for $369 (although I've seen it for cheaper): ... B003A4HE8Y" onclick=";return false;

Sure its only 4:3, 800x600. But come on. $350 for a 3D projector! Reviews seem positive and one guy claimed to get a 10 foot screen from 15 foot throw distance. This site ( ... vitek+D510" onclick=";return false; ) lists screen size at 255" at 30 feet, which sounds about right for 120" at 15 feet which would fit in my living room and is friggin' huge. Not sure if I really want to invest in a 4:3 SD PJ, but the price is nice. I guess it would also entail building an HTPC (which would be expensive) so I'm probably not actually going to buy this. But it is tempting. Also, I have never quite understood how DLP-Link works and how it syncs to the content (movie, game, etc.). So its possible this is not as useful as it seems. However the price is nice.

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Re: Vivitek D510: Ultra Cheap 3D-DLP Projector

Post by tritosine5G »

you won't throw screen size like that with such low lumens.
quality of customer service is very important, acer is very good at it , I got a new bulb with my new mainboard. Old bulb was 3000hours , new one arrived at 0 ;)

So above the free UPS shipping , I got 160 usd worth of new bulb . And can extend warranty to 3 years for 50 usd ;)
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