Google Cardboard HMD - SweetFX VR Correction Shader Suite

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Re: Google Cardboard HMD - SweetFX VR Correction Shader Suit

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shawnyadav wrote: Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:57 am Cardboard app was functioning smooth when my Google Pixel 2 XL was on Android 7.1 however upon updating on Android 8.1 as I open thegbwhatsapp app it only displays a blank white screen on startup and crashes itself after few second. Any idea how to fix it?
Did you see any updates to the Cardboard app version when you updated your Android version because I think the app version you are using on your previous Android version is now not compatible with this your new Android version.
elwisheight wrote: Wed Jan 06, 2021 2:43 am Hi, I bought a generic VR hmd to use with my phone, but it has lots of chromatic aberration on outer edges. Is there any way to correct this via software for cardboard games and for 360 videos?
what is your IPD? Chromatic aberration is optimized currently for 63.5 IPD and eye widths far outside of this value may experience more chroma. Try this. Look through one eye and shift the headset a little left and right and see if you can find a sweet spot. Off-axis chroma is something we need to address in future SDK revisions because the DK2 lens produce so much aberration.

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Re: Google Cardboard HMD - SweetFX VR Correction Shader Suit

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FromCairhien wrote: Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:50 pm So I don't know if there is some proprietary reason the code for ReShade is never available, but here: I ported and refactored the SweetFX 1.5 version by Fortran for ReShade 3.0. I take only credit for porting, I didn't do any math on this one, and ReShade is super easy to use! Thanks Fortran! No warranty!

The default settings are for a DK2. The file Elite.ini is an example preset for ReShade 3.0 with settings for a Google Pixel phone in Daydream headset. Elite: Dangerous has some issues with SBS aspect ratio, so this scales horribly, but the warping is very good. Adjust the aspect ratio compensation to see if these settings suit your headset more.
If you don't have a Daydream or DK2, I have no ideas what warping values you'll need. Try playing around with the HmdWarpParam if it looks wrong.
Thanks Cairhien for sharing the file with us. i appreciate your efforts and it's very helpful. thanks again.

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