LG D2342P-PN vs. LG D2342P

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LG D2342P-PN vs. LG D2342P

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Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and have a question for all of you, so if you could help me out it would really be appreciated!

So I've been reading a lot lately about 3D monitors and I've decided to go with a passive 3D as active shutter just doesn't work with my budget at the moment. I searched around for some good quality and reasonably priced passive 3D monitors and I've found one that will suit my budget which is the LG D2342P-PN. But whilst searching around some more, I also discovered the LG D2342P. Now I'm wondering, can anyone maybe tell me the difference between these monitors? Is there one that is considered better than the other one? And if so, which one is it?


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