3DTV Play vs. Iz3d vs DDD for a 3dtv

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3DTV Play vs. Iz3d vs DDD for a 3dtv

Post by artox »

Hey guys, I know there are plenty of comparison threads out there, but I've only tried the DDD and Iz3d solutions and found considerable differences, so I imagine this new comparison will be useful to people considering an upgrade, who intend on using a 3dtv and a pc for stereo gaming. 3Dtv play I can't test, due do GPU incompatibility ( with AMD) but I would also like to know how it stands against the other two.
I suggest comparing all three in the following areas and not forgetting we are talking about 3dtv use and not monitor/projector or other solutions:

1.) game compatibility (a real library with compatible games, no "turn off almost everything and you get an almost perfect s-3d effect)

2.) game performance ( Nvidia should theoretically win here, but who knows?)

3.) outputs availability (again only supported modes by 3dtvs like SBS, frame packed, checkerboard and with specific gpus, etc.)

4.) s-3d quality (less or more convincing, specific issues such as rendering 3d objects with one convergence after a specific distance in the scene; less ghosting, other..)

5.) image quality (scaling in SBS mode, etc...but also 3dtv specific, for example Panasonic has a clearer picture in O/U than L/R in SBS mode)

6.) settings freedom (sep., convergence, autofocus, etc.)

7.) price ( promotions, etc.)

8.) support ( again general but also related to 3dtvs, so no - "yay, the newest experimental beta of Iz3d has universal shutter support")

Feel free to mention specific games tested with the different solutions and the results.

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Re: 3DTV Play vs. Iz3d vs DDD for a 3dtv

Post by cybereality »

This is an interesting idea. Just like to say that the DDD driver has come a long way in the past year or so. Their solution is now very competitive with other options, and in some games clearly better. Especially for Half-Life 2 or Left4Dead, I really like how the DDD driver uses the depth budget, and properly renders the gun.

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Re: 3DTV Play vs. Iz3d vs DDD for a 3dtv

Post by whyme466 »

You might be interested in this DDD forum discussion thread: http://www.ddd.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1230" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;, especially Jude's and my comments.

Note that I actively game using AMD's HD3D 1080p24 mode, with display, graphics driver, and Ignition software set to 1080p, 60 Hz. My Accelero XTREME cooled HD6970 has done a good job with 3D rendering rates on recent DX11 games like Crysis 2, FEAR 3, and Dragon Age 2.

However, if I were to expand to a 3D surround display(3x1), I would need to migrate to a water cooled chassis. Using current graphics hardware, a HD6990 or GTX590 scale solution is required (both cards can overheat if only air cooled). Note that AMD/DDD do not support CrossFire or either of these high end cards.

Ideally, a good (from human factors perspective) 3D surround configuration would consist of 3 interconnected 1080x1920 (portrait orientation) low energy displays. The relative widths of active (screen) and inactive (bezel and panel frame) areas would need to incorporated into the surround rendering software. DDD does not support this, and NVIDIA may not support portrait orientation.

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