3D add on kits possibility?!?

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3D add on kits possibility?!?

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I bought my PlayStation 3D TV at exactly the right time when it was $180 new in December of 2012.

That's when I noticed 3D hatred became big enough where all the big 3D TV makers decided to premiumize 3D and put them on the more expensive models instead of putting them on Johnny lunch pail models.

I told Dad to wait until they come up with a 3D add-on kit for current 2D TVs.

Sega proved it was possible with the Sega Master System Sega Scope 3D.

I heard that any TV works as long as the shutter synchers know when beginning of the frame starts.

That's why all 3D TVs with shutter glasses had to be integrated so that it could get the timing right.

I think I have theorized a way to turn any 2D TV into 3D TV. I know the bits and pieces have worked before in other technologies and I'm just assembling the pieces together in my mind.

Is it correct to assume that once you figure out how to get the "start of TV frame signal" synced up with the output of the TV display and not the output of the signal generation, then everything else should fall into place.

Is it correct to assume that 95%+ of the problems with 3D TV using shutter glasses is mis-timing.

If so I think I got an idea of how to do it and I submitted the idea to Bulbhead because I think it is probably one of the cheaper ways to do it and more accurately to do it.

The other idea I had was not as practical is an aftermarket polar shield tinting service to turn any TV into a polar 3D TV. Unfortunately the polar tint supposed to be made for specific model, it is not as simple as hooking up a few wires and therefore needs a professional screen tinter.

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